Burn It To The Ground

from by LIFE LINE

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So long we’ve endured
A sense of such fearsomeness (unknown)
In living our lives day to day 9 to 5s
Abide and believe in these laws
You won’t see (flaws)

At least in me no more, again

Awaken me shatter the ground beneath
Uncover the troubling truths
Our place in the world
Those buildings collapsed
Explosions no plane impacts
You say you can’t deal with the news
Well guess what
I do

Lost soul you’re losing all
Sat at home there’s no friends or fire in you
News shows and status quos
Ill informed kept dumb
Let’s burn it to the ground

So deep and many lies below
Into this rabbit hole what else will I know
Conspiracies seemed a mystery
From such authority this one worries me

Lost soul you’re losing all
Sat at home ignorance ain't bliss it's a deathly kiss
If I could wish my way with you
You'd be well informed and feeling new
A world that buries so much truth
Let’s burn it to the ground

(Burn, burn burn)

Slow it down in telling truths
Many folks got much to lose
Cover up paranoia’s due
Maybe they’re listening
Maybe just maybe they’re failing to
Silence us hacking mainframes and buying trust
Losing steam as the pressure builds
Let’s burn them to the ground

(Ground) Let's burn them to the ground
(Into the ground) Let's burn them to the ground


from The Opener EP, released November 22, 2015
Recorded in Shanghai, China, 2015
Mixed and mastered by Xander



all rights reserved


LIFE LINE Shanghai, China

Formed in mid 2015, LIFE LINE plays melodic stoner rock with a blend of fuzz, metal and alternative sounds.

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